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Nutritional Supplements Review – Are They Working for You?

The words nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals are heard over and over in the newspapers, magazines and TV commercials of this 21st century world. More and more people are aware of their need for daily nutritional supplements. It is true that nutritional supplements are absolutely necessary for our body, because we live in a fast food society and our diet has deteriorated due to over processed food. Also, environmental pollution and soil depletion on the farm makes it impossible to obtain optimal nutrition through diet alone. Let’s review your nutritional supplements and find out if they really are working for you.We need to be aware that nutritional supplement products gradually loose potency and contain less vitamins and/or minerals than when they were manufactured at the factory. A bottle of nutritional supplements has much less value after it sits on the shelf in a drug store or health food store for a long time.Another factor to consider, which is even more perplexing, is that we cannot be sure of what is actually inside the bottle. It is a scary thought that we may be taking pills made of the dry wall material instead of vitamins and minerals. We all remember the fake medicine and pills imported from China which was on the news several months ago.To review if your nutritional supplements are working, examine your health conditions before and after you start taking them. Taking the right nutritional supplement makes you feel different as your body begins responding. Maybe not right away, but within three or four months of consistent usage, you will begin to notice some changes. The following is just a few examples of what we hear from people who are using the right nutritional supplements:o Increased energy and a generally younger feeling.o Much less susceptible to catching a common cold or even the flu.o Reduced symptoms involving pollen and other allergies and even eliminated the runny nose.o Reduced or eliminated asthma symptoms.o Digestive system got stronger and reduced the level of lactose intolerance symptoms.o Reduced pain and inflammation of the joints.If you have been taking a nutritional supplement and are wondering why you are not feeling any better, you can compare your nutritional supplement against others in the marketplace. The “Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements” by Lyle MacWilliam lists over 500 vitamin supplements produced in U.S. and in Canada and compares them using easy to look up bar charts. In this book you can see a graph for each nutritional supplement product. Each bar in the graph represents a single nutrient and shows the percentage of what an optimal level for each nutrient is. It is likely that your nutritional supplements brand is in this book and you can determine for yourself if it meets your expectations in term of quality and expected results.I hope this will help you to review and learn more about your daily nutritional supplements.